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First order of business, ORAS is finally out!

Aaaaaaaaaaand I'm not playing it until Christmas! :'D

Family decided to make this a Christmas gift and told me I'd have to wait, hahah.  This was decided on a whim a few weeks ago or so, but you know, I don't really mind waiting.  I've been wanting to try out the Pokemon Ranger games for a while, and my copies of "Shadows of Almia" and "Guardian Signs" have just been sitting there in my games drawer for a full year now, since... last Christmas...  So I figured, why not use the time for something else?  I'll be tackling Shadows of Almia first and I plan to have fun doing so.

In the meantime, however, I've been slowly preparing myself for the day I start playing Alpha Sapphire.  I bought a year's worth of Pokemon Bank and have already transferred all the pokemon I'd like to use for AS over into the storage boxes.  But don't expect to see any of Skykie's team in ORAS; Rio, Grover, and the others are to remain in my Pokemon X cartridge.  I felt too sentimental about the whole thing to take them away from their trainer. |D  Xerneas and Zygarde will also be staying.

Irrational pixel-attachments ftw

Second order of business!

Pokemon Battles.

Now, this is something I've wanted to clear up for a while.  I love playing with others since battles can be pretty fun, especially with friends.  However, I cannot stress enough that I am not a competitive player!  I warn people of this whenever they ask if I'm available for these kind of things, because time and again, others insist on treating it as a super-competitive meet-up and the battles just turn out to be a pummeling session.  I don't breed for max IVs.  I don't train to perfection.  I don't shove my mons through super training.  If I'm really in the mood, I just look for a good nature and some good stats to go along with it and call it a day.  I play for the fun of it-- not for bragging rights-- and I tend to stick with Skykie's main team, rarely using Xerneas, since I never found playing legendaries all that much "in the spirit" of things.  So when you go all "Oh that's fine, I'm not a competitive player either" only to face me one-on-one with an entire team of legendaries for an easy win?  ... That's not cool, man. xD  I'm sick of that.

So long story short, if you want to battle, that's a-okay with me.  But I'd prefer not to be lol-pummeled in the process.  Things are more fun when things are more fair, no?  Battle me with your story team for once! <3

Third order of business!

People have been asking me now and then if I'll be writing a parody for ORAS like I did for X/Y.

Now, to be honest, I had given it some thought and at one point this year, did consider planning for it.  However, I'm going to have to say no.  Parodies do take work, and I'm skeptical on how worth it the project would be.

While I loved writing out Skykie's parody, it was as time and energy consuming as it was fun.  It took a lot of making mental notes and following Youtuber's walk-throughs to keep certain text and events accurate, pacing myself in-game so I could properly end the progress of my chapters, figuring out how and why characters with certain personalities went through with the canon decisions of the game, etc.  And I would have found it all worth it, if the parody had gotten enough positive feedback.  It was pretty okay at first, but as the chapters went on, less people commented/collected; telling me that either most of my watchers weren't interested in reading, or they weren't into pokemon, or I probably just wasn't very good at the whole parody thing.  Or maybe even a combination of all three.  xD  I wrote the parodies for people to enjoy and for people to laugh.  If they're not doing their job, then they're probably not worth doing.

However, this doesn't mean I wouldn't have a storyline for my ORAS character.  I already have plans for her, as well as the pokemon I/she am getting from friends for Christmas (including a Diancie and a very special Ralts ;w; ), and will likely be doing at least a few illustrations and written blurbs for her, much like I did for Skykie's adventures in PMD.  So, that's a thing!

That's pretty much all I have to say on all matters of pokemon.  Can't wait to play Alpha Sapphire :dummy:
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My openness to these activities are always fluctuating based on the time and energy I have to spare.

Collabs: Closed
This, unfortunately, is still a closed activity. You will be informed when it is open, again.

Roleplay Requests: Closed
Yep, still closed, but hopefully will be open again real soon!

However, just because I'm too much of a busy derp to properly play my characters doesn't mean that they shouldn't get to make new friends, so if you want your character to be acquainted with mine through some other way (such as through art or short stories), I'd be more than happy to talk it out with you through notes or other means of communication.

Ask Skykie's Team: Closed
This activity will hopefully open up again later in the year. It's a project I enjoy doing in my spare time, of which I have little to none as of late. |D

To-Do List

:bulletblack: more Novel art
:bulletblack: actually working on novel
:bulletblack: roleplay with Dappledsun (Ayanna x Evander)
:bulletblack: roleplay with Tox (Cynthia x Arenx)
:bulletblack: training pics for Crispus
:bulletblack: training pics for Prisca
:bulletblack: training pics for Garen
:bulletblack: commission for Asante (on hold due to character things)
:bulletblack: real life

Commissions Are CLOSED.

Some Crossovers... by Sky-LilyEvery Now And Then by Sky-LilyRelics and Time Gears by Sky-Lily

[Loose Sketch] $1.00/80:points:

Sickly Boy by Sky-LilyAcquaintances by Sky-LilyFrakken' Genetics by Sky-Lily

[Colored Simple Sketch] $5.00/400:points:

Caeli Update by Sky-LilyGaren's Relationships by Sky-LilyCynthia- 2014 Update by Sky-Lily

[Cleaned Flatcolors] $7.00/500:points:

A Quiet Moment by Sky-LilyThe Starter by Sky-Lily'Til The Love Runs Out by Sky-Lily

[Colored With Shading] $8.00/600:points:

Shadi's Profile (remake) by Sky-LilyImma Eat Your Lil' Foot by Sky-LilyHow I Met Your OHGAWD by Sky-Lily

[Colored Loose Background] $9.00/700:points:

Island of Waste by Sky-LilyLegends of Faldor by Sky-LilyHappy Valentines Day! by Sky-Lily

[Detailed Background] $10.00/800:points:

When I Think Of Eli by Sky-LilyTousling in Mud (complete!) by Sky-LilyThe Attic by Sky-Lily
(Other Examples of my Background Work)

:bulletblack:Extra Sketched Characters are 12 cents/10 points each.
:bulletblack:Extra Colored Characters are $1 dollar/80 points each.


Trades are CLOSED.

When Open: I tend to be a little iffy on trades, since there is always the possibility that the other person may just be scamming me for a free picture of their character. It is for this reason I usually reserve trades for a) friends, b) trusted acquaintances, and c) people who are known to be reliable in their art trades. You can still ask for a trade, but I may or may not decline the offer. Sorry!
(*Note: Do not ask to be my friend. That's not how friendship works.)


Requests Are Out Of The Question!

Sorry! This slot is reserved for friends and trusted friends of friends.
(*Note: Do not ask to be my friend. That's not how friendship works.)

Let's take a trip down memory lane. Cluefinders. 

9 deviants said I didn't care for Cluefinders/What are you talking about? :stare:
5 deviants said I played Cluefinders! ;w;
5 deviants said I was aware of their existence! :dummy:


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