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Cynmuffin by Sky-Lily

It is exactly as the title says... My baby is finally having babies!  :dummy:

Cynthia and Adin have grown rather close over the past year, and their bond only strengthened after raising their adopted cub, Xalo, and later taking in the orphaned Pericles.  Now that enough time has gone by, they're ready to have children of their own.  Cynthia and Adin's cubs will be conceived in December/delivered in February!

If you're interested in playing one, please read the requirements below. :la:  This is a pretty exciting time for me since Cynthia was my first EBC character and I've had her for so long.  I hope it's just as exciting for everyone who's involved/will be involved in the tryouts!

Ebc3 by Sky-Lily

Conditions and Prerequisites

:bulletyellow:You Need Admin Approval.:bulletyellow:

If you already have characters in Lightning Empire, you'll need permission from either Scarflash or WFengs to add another one.  They will be looking to see how well you are taking care of your current characters, and therefore, to see if you can handle an extra cat.  Please don't fuss if they happen to deny you for any reason; if they do, it's not to make life harder for you.  It's to ensure you still have time to take care of the cats you have right now. :)  Maybe next time, okay?

If you are not yet a member of EBC, be sure to read our "How To Join" journal as well as our Rules blog.  Cubs can only get into the group once they have a properly-filled reference sheet/bio.

:bulletyellow:You Don't Need To Be Active, You Just Need To Be Reliable.:bulletyellow:

Tying into the point above this one, I want these cubs to go to people who can take good care of them and keep them alive, and that absolutely means that you need to be able to complete assignments and activity checks for them in a timely manner (there are usually 3-4 of them a year).  However, does that mean that I also expect you to pour a ton of time into your cub's social life until you run yourself ragged?  Of course not!  Both Hawkfire and I know what it's like to feel overwhelmed in EBC and I know how hard it can be to find free time to roleplay/draw/write everything you want.  I'm short on time as it is.  So bottom line, I don't care how active you are with your character as long as you can keep up with assignments and I see at least a little bit of relationship building/character development, even if that's all just figured out through OOC talk with other members and little sketchy doodles now and then.

:bulletyellow:I'm Looking For Commitment.:bulletyellow:

I do understand how hard it is to maintain characters in EBC.  Hell, I just have six and there are times when I feel like even that little number is too much.  However, I've grown to love all my characters and the work I put into them, to the point where I don't think I could ever get rid of any of my kitties without tearing a part of my heart out.  It would take a lot to convince me to give one up.

That being said, I don't fault anyone in the group for any struggles they may have had with characters of the past.  However, the number of cats being killed off/put up for adoption has increased quite a lot since I joined EBC, and it has made me super-protective over Cynthia's cubs.  |D  If you're interested in adopting one of them, I want you to give yourself some time to think it over and to ask yourself whether you believe you would be able to manage this cub without getting overwhelmed or losing interest in them.  If you feel like you'd be invested enough to give them a valid chance, then go for it :)  I look forward to your entry!

:bulletyellow:These Cubs Are Staying In Lightning Empire (or at the very least, EBC.):bulletyellow:

Over the past year, I've been noticing a rise in three very popular plotlines for members these days.  Those being:

1) Characters getting kidnapped/raised by Bounty Hunters
2) Characters whack-a-moling themselves on the head and getting amnesia
3) Characters finding their way to Rome and moving to TheRomanDefection

While I understand how fun/exciting those plots can be, I would personally like to request that you leave out any such plotlines for these cubs.  Cynthia's been through a lot in her time as an EBC character (including one of her adopted kids already having been captured at one point) and as selfish as this is, well... her family's had enough angst jam to last a lifetime.  I want them to be happy, if only for the duration of this new litter's cubhood.  So no capturing (at least until they're older apprentices) and no moving out of EBC (ever. |D )  The raid on Massilia left a lot of families broken, and I'd like to see at least one of them make it out of this dark time hearty and whole and all that other cheesy stuff.  If you feel as though you're losing interest in EBC right now or you have a liking for these types of plotlines, I'm going to have to ask you to ignore this journal and give someone else a chance at trying out for cubbies.  Sorry for being a stickler, but there's plenty of other ways to carry plots like that out, and you don't need an Adin-Cynny cub to do it. xD

Cynnycublets by Sky-Lily

And now for the fun stuff!

The cubs will be arriving on February 5th, 2016 (45 B.C.), just in time for Lovey-Dovey-Month.  Both Squiggy13 and Hawkfire11111 have claimed the girls of the litter, but there are still two boys up for adoption~!

To apply for a cub, simply submit a drawing of them (or a 100-word short story if you don't like drawing) along with at least five sentences describing their personality.  The more effort you put into your cub's appearance/description, the more likely you are to win them.  We will be judging on work/effort, not art skill.

Please take a look at the parents and all their available genes for any helpful ideas concerning the cubs' designs.  I've also linked close relatives for your benefit; feel free to take inspiration from anything you see!

Adin EBC app2014 by Hawkfire11111

EBC- Cynthia of  Lightning by Sky-Lily

Paternal Aunts/Uncles
Emerald bounty hunter app by Hawkfire11111

Maternal Aunts/Uncles
Roxanne of Lightning Empire by Asante-Sana EBC: Darius the Softspoken by DappledSun
*Note; Roxanne is Cynthia's half-sibling.  However, while the two consider each other sisters, they do not yet know that they are blood-related as well!

Maternal Grandparents
One Happy Family by Sky-Lily

Your Sisters
Hypo Kitten: Sora by Squiggy13Freckles (Hypo-cub) by Hawkfire11111

Your Adopted Siblings
EBC: Xalo the Snow Jaguar by PancakeShiners Pericles of Lightning Empire by Asante-Sana
*Their genetics obviously can't be taken into consideration for the cub designs, but you might as well get to meet 'em~

Due date for try-outs is January 5th, so you have some time to get your cubbies all sketched up (or written about if you don't feel comfortable drawing!)  Try-outs will close after that date and the winning cubs will be announced on January 10th.  See you then!



Sky-Lily's Profile Picture
Ashley Fouche
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
ಠ_ಠ ಠ‿ಠ ಥ_ಥ

Ayanna Icon by DappledSunEvanden-Icon by DappledSun


My openness to these activities are always fluctuating based on the time and energy I have to spare.

Collabs: Closed
This, unfortunately, is still a closed activity. You will be informed when it is open, again.

Roleplay Requests: Closed
Yep, still closed, but hopefully will be open again real soon!

However, just because I'm too much of a busy derp to properly play my characters doesn't mean that they shouldn't get to make new friends, so if you want your character to be acquainted with mine through some other way (such as through art or short stories), I'd be more than happy to talk it out with you through notes or other means of communication.

To-Do List

:bulletblack: Prisca's training (least priority, include Orcus in at least one)
:bulletblack: OneLifeRemaining commission
:bulletblack: Stray-Thought commission
:bulletblack: Art Trade with Dappledsun
:bulletblack: real life

Projects I'd Like To Finish

:bulletblue:Concept art for RoTF characters

Commissions Are CLOSED.

Some Crossovers... by Sky-LilyEvery Now And Then by Sky-LilyRelics and Time Gears by Sky-Lily

[Loose Sketch] $1.00/100:points:

Sickly Boy by Sky-LilyAcquaintances by Sky-LilyFrakken' Genetics by Sky-Lily

[Colored Simple Sketch] $5.00/400:points:

Caeli Update by Sky-LilyGaren's Relationships by Sky-LilyCynthia- 2014 Update by Sky-Lily

[Cleaned Flatcolors] $7.00/500:points:

A Quiet Moment by Sky-LilyThe Starter by Sky-Lily'Til The Love Runs Out by Sky-Lily

[Colored With Shading] $8.00/600:points:

Shadi's Profile (remake) by Sky-LilyImma Eat Your Lil' Foot by Sky-LilyHow I Met Your OHGAWD by Sky-Lily

[Colored Loose Background] $9.00/700:points:

Island of Waste by Sky-LilyLegends of Faldor by Sky-LilyHappy Valentines Day! by Sky-Lily

[Detailed Background] $10.00/800:points:

When I Think Of Eli by Sky-LilyTousling in Mud (complete!) by Sky-LilyThe Attic by Sky-Lily
(Other Examples of my Background Work)

:bulletblack:Extra Characters are $2 dollars/160 points each.

Trades are CLOSED.

When Open: I tend to be a little iffy on trades, since there is always the possibility that the other person may just be scamming me for a free picture of their character. It is for this reason I usually reserve trades for a) friends, b) trusted acquaintances, and c) people who are known to be reliable in their art trades. You can still ask for a trade, but I may or may not decline the offer. Sorry!
(*Note: Do not ask to be my friend. That's not how friendship works.)

Requests Are Out Of The Question!

Sorry! I only do "free" art for friends and trusted friends of friends, and even then, that's rare and only when I have the time to draw up a gift.
(*Note: Do not ask to be my friend. That's not how friendship works.)

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