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EDIT:::  I just want to add on that if an EBC member is making you feel uncomfortable, but is someone who might be friends with the admins, to please not let that make you refrain from talking to us.  We don't play favorites and never have, and don't tolerate bullying in any kind of way, no matter who it's coming from.  Thanks for reading.

Anyone and everyone who's an EBC Member, I suppose it's not... necessary for you to read this or anything, but I'd greatly appreciate it if you did. This isn't about me at all, or any of the staff at EmpiresBeforeClans. It's about you. Alright?

It's late at night and after becoming aware of certain situations that occurred in the group between other members, I can't say I'm in the right state of mind to word this eloquently. So let's just cut to the chase.

Members-- ALL members-- we would like you to know that if you are ever feeling bothered by something or pressured/harassed by someone in the group, to please come to us about it. No problem is too small or insignificant. EBC staff is not just here to run the group, after all. We're here to listen to you as well, and have always been, no matter what.

If you feel as though someone is copying your character's design and/or overall build, tell us. We would help.

On the flip side, if you feel as though someone is needlessly harassing you over a minor similarity your character may have with their's, tell us. We would help, and no matter how we judge the situation, no one would be 'punished' for making a cat that was too similar to another.

If you feel as though someone is pressuring and pestering you into a shipping that involves your character and their's, in any way whatsoever, tell us. We would help.

If you feel as though someone is pressuring and pestering you into making your character friends with their's or pulling them into plotlines you don't feel comfortable with, tell us. We would help.

If you feel as though someone is trying to guilt you into making your character part of a love triangle just for the sake of drama, just tell us. We would help.

If you ever feel as though a member is needlessly making you uncomfortable over a situation you don't like, then tell us. We. Would. Help.

I'm sorry for all this bluntness, but I was finally informed of a few issues that had arisen between members that I wasn't aware of until tonight (whose various names I won't disclose, ever) and frankly I am just sickened by the way some of you have been treated. I want it to stop, and I'm not the only one, so I'm asking-- begging-- for you guys to start trusting us with your concerns. We don't chew people out for making assumptions and we don't yell at people who privately (and politely) bring up disagreements they may have with the group. That's not how we work, and that has never been how we work.

Thing is, you all should know that the admins are only as fair as you allow them to be. Putting staff members under the stereotype of the big bad, intimidating admin that no one can dare talk to, all because you've never spoken to them before, is not just uncalled for and unfair; it makes things harder for you, as well. (Of course you may have seen a moderator or a leader having to speak a little sternly in some conversations. Unfortunately, there's no avoiding or getting around that, sometimes. Not without compromising the group's integrity or stability as far as its world build goes.) And secondly, the only way we can ever help you is if you trust us. Admins are not the bad guys; at least in EBC. We want our members to be happy. We want people to enjoy themselves and have fun in this group and in this storyline, but the only way we can do that is if you throw away those all-too-easy stereotypes and just come to us when something is bothering you or making you feel uncomfortable. Please.

That's... all I have to say, really. I wish everyone a good night and a good rest of the weekend.


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Ashley Fouche
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
ಠ_ಠ ಠ‿ಠ ಥ_ಥ


My openness to these activities are always fluctuating based on the time and energy I have to spare.

Collabs: Closed
This, unfortunately, is still a closed activity. You will be informed when it is open, again.

Roleplay Requests: Closed
Yep, still closed, but hopefully will be open again real soon!

However, just because I'm too much of a busy derp to properly play my characters doesn't mean that they shouldn't get to make new friends, so if you want your character to be acquainted with mine through some other way (such as through art or short stories), I'd be more than happy to talk it out with you through notes or other means of communication.

To-Do List

:bulletblack: more Novel art
:bulletblack: actually working on novel
:bulletblack: Crispus rp with Dappled/Stray
:bulletblack: Prisca's training (least priority, include Orcus in at least one)
:bulletblack: Garen rp with Dappled
:bulletblack: real life

Projects I'd Like To Finish

:bulletblue:The Freaking Novel
:bulletblue:Canon Revision for "The Forgotten Warrior"
:bulletblue:Completing/Submitting a coherent bio for Ismene
:bulletblue:Short story for (human) Evander
:bulletblue:Short story for neglected 13th Age characters
:bulletblue:Freaking human practicing
:bulletblue:Alpha Sapphire illustrations for characters/story
:bulletblue:Actually PLAYING Alpha Sapphire
:bulletblue:Concept art for RoTF characters

Commissions Are CLOSED.

Some Crossovers... by Sky-LilyEvery Now And Then by Sky-LilyRelics and Time Gears by Sky-Lily

[Loose Sketch] $1.00/100:points:

Sickly Boy by Sky-LilyAcquaintances by Sky-LilyFrakken' Genetics by Sky-Lily

[Colored Simple Sketch] $5.00/400:points:

Caeli Update by Sky-LilyGaren's Relationships by Sky-LilyCynthia- 2014 Update by Sky-Lily

[Cleaned Flatcolors] $7.00/500:points:

A Quiet Moment by Sky-LilyThe Starter by Sky-Lily'Til The Love Runs Out by Sky-Lily

[Colored With Shading] $8.00/600:points:

Shadi's Profile (remake) by Sky-LilyImma Eat Your Lil' Foot by Sky-LilyHow I Met Your OHGAWD by Sky-Lily

[Colored Loose Background] $9.00/700:points:

Island of Waste by Sky-LilyLegends of Faldor by Sky-LilyHappy Valentines Day! by Sky-Lily

[Detailed Background] $10.00/800:points:

When I Think Of Eli by Sky-LilyTousling in Mud (complete!) by Sky-LilyThe Attic by Sky-Lily
(Other Examples of my Background Work)

:bulletblack:Extra Characters are $2 dollars/160 points each.

Trades are CLOSED.

When Open: I tend to be a little iffy on trades, since there is always the possibility that the other person may just be scamming me for a free picture of their character. It is for this reason I usually reserve trades for a) friends, b) trusted acquaintances, and c) people who are known to be reliable in their art trades. You can still ask for a trade, but I may or may not decline the offer. Sorry!
(*Note: Do not ask to be my friend. That's not how friendship works.)

Requests Are Out Of The Question!

Sorry! I only do "free" art for friends and trusted friends of friends, and even then, that's rare and only when I have the time to draw up a gift.
(*Note: Do not ask to be my friend. That's not how friendship works.)

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