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I really hate that it has come down to this, but... I'm going to need to take a leave of absence on here as well as Skype and other online places I go on.  I can't say for certain how long it will be, nor would I like to discuss the details, but I do want to apologize for the short notice; not to mention the horrible timing.  I hope the Mega Raid event has been going well for all of you at EBC.

I can say that the issues involved are offline, but I don't want you to be too concerned over me.  There are no health issues involved for me or family or friends or anything.  This is concerning other aspects of my life that have to do with my career as well as my education.  So please bear with me, and know that I'll come back as soon as I can.

I'll try to keep in touch with those who have my phone number; just try not to contact me yet at this point in time.  I'll text you as soon as it's a good time for me to do so.  I must also ask that those few of you who have contact information with my family to not bother them about this.

Concerning Clans Of The Valley,

I know there will be no going around the annual activity check, and I don't expect any special treatment.  If anything you could always have Thistlestar go missing if I happen to not return in time to take care of it.  I'll just bring her back.

Concerning Empires Before Clans,

Prisca's the only character of mine whose assignment has been completed.  I will see if I can try to upload Cynthia's unfinished assignment picture today (I'll be going with the 5 posts/1 picture combo for her).  I can't guarantee getting Garen and Crispus's second half of their assignments this round, but I can try to keep Evander and Prisca semi-active in the blogs in the small timeframes I'll have available to me (this being lunch breaks and such at work.)

I'm so sorry to be doing this to the staff when everyone already has enough on their shoulders as it is.  You guys are all my friends, and deserved a better heads-up than this.

I know that many of my characters have important relationships with other members' cats right now, and I'd hate to screw that up for people because of this.  Please keep my characters alive and at 'home' for as long as you can.  Just take from their collective EP to pay off any strikes they may receive over the next year or so, and should they somehow reach the end of the line, just have them disappear.  I'd like to bring them back if possible.

You're free to have Evander step down as Shadow Empire's leader after the big raid.  He could always get a bad injury on one of his limbs.

Once again, I'm so sorry to everyone on here.  I consider many of you good friends of mine and this is hardly fair to do with everything going on online, right now.  Unfortunately, I have no choice.

I hope to see you all soon,



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Ashley Fouche
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
ಠ_ಠ ಠ‿ಠ ಥ_ಥ


My openness to these activities are always fluctuating based on the time and energy I have to spare.

Collabs: Closed
This, unfortunately, is still a closed activity. You will be informed when it is open, again.

Roleplay Requests: Closed
Yep, still closed, but hopefully will be open again real soon!

However, just because I'm too much of a busy derp to properly play my characters doesn't mean that they shouldn't get to make new friends, so if you want your character to be acquainted with mine through some other way (such as through art or short stories), I'd be more than happy to talk it out with you through notes or other means of communication.

To-Do List

:bulletblack: more Novel art
:bulletblack: actually working on novel
:bulletblack: Crispus rp with Dappled/Stray
:bulletblack: Prisca's training (least priority, include Orcus in at least one)
:bulletblack: Garen rp with Dappled
:bulletblack: real life

Projects I'd Like To Finish

:bulletblue:The Freaking Novel
:bulletblue:Canon Revision for "The Forgotten Warrior"
:bulletblue:Completing/Submitting a coherent bio for Ismene
:bulletblue:Short story for (human) Evander
:bulletblue:Short story for neglected 13th Age characters
:bulletblue:Freaking human practicing
:bulletblue:Alpha Sapphire illustrations for characters/story
:bulletblue:Actually PLAYING Alpha Sapphire
:bulletblue:Concept art for RoTF characters

Commissions Are CLOSED.

Some Crossovers... by Sky-LilyEvery Now And Then by Sky-LilyRelics and Time Gears by Sky-Lily

[Loose Sketch] $1.00/100:points:

Sickly Boy by Sky-LilyAcquaintances by Sky-LilyFrakken' Genetics by Sky-Lily

[Colored Simple Sketch] $5.00/400:points:

Caeli Update by Sky-LilyGaren's Relationships by Sky-LilyCynthia- 2014 Update by Sky-Lily

[Cleaned Flatcolors] $7.00/500:points:

A Quiet Moment by Sky-LilyThe Starter by Sky-Lily'Til The Love Runs Out by Sky-Lily

[Colored With Shading] $8.00/600:points:

Shadi's Profile (remake) by Sky-LilyImma Eat Your Lil' Foot by Sky-LilyHow I Met Your OHGAWD by Sky-Lily

[Colored Loose Background] $9.00/700:points:

Island of Waste by Sky-LilyLegends of Faldor by Sky-LilyHappy Valentines Day! by Sky-Lily

[Detailed Background] $10.00/800:points:

When I Think Of Eli by Sky-LilyTousling in Mud (complete!) by Sky-LilyThe Attic by Sky-Lily
(Other Examples of my Background Work)

:bulletblack:Extra Characters are $2 dollars/160 points each.

Trades are CLOSED.

When Open: I tend to be a little iffy on trades, since there is always the possibility that the other person may just be scamming me for a free picture of their character. It is for this reason I usually reserve trades for a) friends, b) trusted acquaintances, and c) people who are known to be reliable in their art trades. You can still ask for a trade, but I may or may not decline the offer. Sorry!
(*Note: Do not ask to be my friend. That's not how friendship works.)

Requests Are Out Of The Question!

Sorry! I only do "free" art for friends and trusted friends of friends, and even then, that's rare and only when I have the time to draw up a gift.
(*Note: Do not ask to be my friend. That's not how friendship works.)

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